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July 1, 2020
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The last couple of weeks have been ‘interesting’. I have been simultaneously developing our facilitation training, helping keep the ongoing support we offer running, organising support for new sign ups and setting up the exciting new online talks we are providing from next month!


I have been reaching out to a mix of people we’ve had speak to one or more of our groups before and were rated well by the groups they went to and some brand new speakers we’ve not had. I believe I have sourced an exciting mix of speakers (some announced already, some I’m still ironing out the details with) and I hope our members do too.

We should have a speaker a week in July and I will be working on continuing this going forward. I have thoroughly enjoyed talking to several potential speakers and working out how to run their sessions (it would be far too easy for everyone to want to work in the same way!) and think that we have a brilliant mix of people coming in (if I do say so myself).



The facilitation training, meanwhile, has finally been completed (with some help from Steph and Jodie) and will start to be delivered internally soon. I am looking forward our volunteers having the opportunity to learn a bit more and maybe even having some step up into new roles as their confidence develops. It has been a labour of love (honest! – as well as a few headaches) but I think the result was worth it. Here’s hoping that they find it interesting and engaging.

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