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March 5, 2021
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I had a very hate-crimey week last week. Not in a bad way – don’t get me wrong. The kind of week I had included a meeting with the CPS Inclusion and Community Engagement Manager, Beth Sparks, a meeting with the Southampton Hate Crime Network, and two sessions with several CPS staff run by Beth Sparks to raise awareness with our staff, volunteers and those we support.


I saw in the sessions that there were takeaways both for the CPS and for everyone logging on from our side of things.


The CPS got to hear a bit more about the lived experiences of trans and non-binary people and hate crime, reasons that things had not been recorded or reported and, in one case, reasons that a conviction had not happened despite going to court.


In the same session, those logging on from Chrysalis learned a lot about the processes that the CPS use, ways of supporting victims and witnesses through special measures and about reporting anonymously and the importance around reporting things, no matter how minor, to inform levels of policing and support and get more funding allocated where needed to support those harmed.


Going forward, I am hoping to continue our working relationship and I hope that we can run some of these sessions again in the future.

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