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June 9, 2022
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Welcome to my bonus blog!

Why a bonus blog, you might ask? I could not, given our membership and what we do, miss out doing a blog for Autistic Pride Day. I’ll be talking about how this links in with the trans+ wellbeing support that we provide. I’ll also look at the number of our members who are autistic.


First off, I’d like to give a nod to the discussion around ‘autistic person’ vs ‘person with autism’. Because it is the language that is widely used by autistic people themselves, I will be using the term ‘autistic people’. This is part of my efforts to be a better ally.

Autistic pride day is about not only looking at the perceived limitations that autistic people have. Also, It’s about the differences that can be celebrated and the potential that this brings. Inclusion, people! Let’s not only accept, but also celebrate our differences.

Autistic Pride Day is about accepting and valuing neurodiversity, starting with autism.


Why is this relevant to us?

The statistics on how many people are autistic usually come out somewhere between two and three percent of the population. However, round a third of the people who come to us seeking support are. As many of you may know, there is a known correlation between autism and trans+ identity.

Here at Beyond Reflections, we support people to work out all of their gender ‘stuff’. For some people this means support at working through a medical transition. For others it may be more about questioning if they might be trans+. Sometimes this means that people come to us to work things out and go away secure in their cisgender identity. Other times they work out what transition needs to look like for them.


Happy Autistic Pride Day everyone, and remember to celebrate those differences!



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