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A summary of all the latest news and information.

left: progress pride flag. Right top Alan Turning. Right Bottom Anne Lister. Test; Queer History. Queer History: Episode One June 23, 2021 Uncategorized Welcome to our new series, Queer History. Whilst historically the word queer has been used as a slur, we're digging… Read More
Banner reads: "CEO's Blog. Making Pride Accessible" Image is an orange background with streams of bunting. A man with a cane and service dog stood next to a lady in a wheelchair. In front of them is a person doing sign language. Making Pride accessible June 21, 2021 CEO Blog In 2019 Disability Equality highlighted that “around one-third of all people who identify as LGBTQ+ also state they are disabled”… Read More
Two photos of Andi wrapped in a progress pride flag, side by side. One photo is greyscale the other is in colour. Banner reads "CEO's Blog: Pride and the power of visibility Pride, and the power of visibility June 14, 2021 CEO Blog Pulse nightclub memorial Lockdown has brought a few new things into my life and one of those is a new… Read More
Maximillian staff photo A transfemme perspective on coming out of lockdown. June 7, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Today's blog is written by a volunteer who has asked that she remain anonymous. Here are her views on coming… Read More
In celebration of all the volunteers who have made Chrysalis great May 28, 2021 CEO Blog June starts with Volunteer Week so this week's blog is a retrospective of volunteering at Chrysalis: what people have given… Read More
Maximillian staff photo A Volunteers Week Blog May 26, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Well, we’re almost there – Volunteers Week 2021. Volunteers Week runs 1st-7th June and it’s where we talk about just… Read More
Cartoon characters engaging in sports. Get active and come together May 24, 2021 Announcements, CEO Blog, Tour De Trans The time of our connecting is nigh How are you all doing with your fitness challenges? Did everyone make resolutions… Read More
A cartoon eggplant on a computer screen. Text reads "Chrysalis Blogs. My Transition is going nowhere." My transition is going nowhere May 18, 2021 Blogs   An anonymous trans man on his experience with, and need for St Peter's Andrology Unit. As a trans man,… Read More
Together: Resisting, Supporting, Healing May 17, 2021 CEO Blog, Governance Today, May 17th, is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) day. An international day, begun in 2005,… Read More
Global Rainbow Round Up: May 2021 May 14, 2021 News Wales elects first non binary Mayor. Newly elected as the mayor of the city go Bangor, Owen J. Hercum becomes… Read More
Various medical professionals on a blue background. Text reads: CEO's Blog In Praise Of Nurses In praise of nurses May 10, 2021 CEO Blog Did you know that Wednesday is Nurses' Day? When trans people are first thinking about coming out and seeking support… Read More
CEO-Blog Vaccine Champion A road map to the future May 4, 2021 CEO Blog, News And welcome to Tuesday! I hope that you all had a good bank holiday and that the storm last night… Read More
CEO-Blog-Lesbian-Visibility-Day Happy lesbian visibility day April 26, 2021 CEO Blog Today is Lesbian Visibility Day, the start of Lesbian Visibility Week, and I want to say "Hi!" to all our… Read More
Green cartoon brain with lightning bolts depicting stress. Title reads "CEO's Blog. Minority Stress" Working together to eliminate minority stress April 19, 2021 CEO Blog Last week I spoke about found families and the importance of finding acceptance of all aspects of yourself to feel… Read More
Global Outreach Global Rainbow Round Up: April April 14, 2021 News A new HIV vaccine is one step closer The phase one trial, which stimulates naive B cells into producing neutralising antibodies , had a 97% success… Read More
Maximillian staff photo Inclusive language in pregnancy and parenthood April 14, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Today’s blog is a takeover by Dr Danielle Schoenaker, researcher at the University of Southampton, who has been doing some… Read More
CEO Blog 2021-04-12 The Chrysalis family The Chrysalis family April 12, 2021 CEO Blog, Groups Ramadan Mubarak to those of my readers who will be starting the month of Ramadan, fasting and religious observances when… Read More
Maximillian staff photo Parenting Positives April 2, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog As Member Support Coordinator, I regularly check in with facilitators and make sure things are going okay in their groups,… Read More
Banner image for blog representing Intersectionality Intersectionality and trans day of visibility March 29, 2021 CEO Blog, Outreach This morning, as every morning I woke up and read the news. A few articles and then a briefing to… Read More
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