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A summary of all the latest news and information.

Trans positive Cthulhu Auncle Cthulhu says Happy Halloween! October 30, 2020 Announcements Happy Halloween everyone!   Auncle Cthulhu (gender neutral of aunt or uncle) dropped into our Halloween Eve party with hir… Read More
Maximillian staff photo On different pages? October 30, 2020 Member Support Coordinator's Blog One of the things that comes up frequently in our groups is the speeds at which people experience acceptance of… Read More
Intersex Awareness Day October 26, 2020 CEO Blog Today’s blog is brought to you by the power of programming, the will of our Social Media Officer Callum, the… Read More
Maximillian staff photo Asexual awareness week October 23, 2020 Member Support Coordinator's Blog I was asked rather last minute to cover Asexual Awareness Week for this blog, so here’s my process of becoming… Read More
Thank you image of DJ Bookhouse at laptop with the club name: Intrusion above and £310 Raised below Music connects us all October 19, 2020 Announcements, CEO Blog, Outreach Are you human? That's what the website asked me as I signed in this morning and it's got me thinking.… Read More
Chrysalis logo (transgender symbol with trans flag colours and word "Chrysalis" in centre) on pink and blue background with "Fly the trans flag" in white underneath Fly the trans flag October 12, 2020 CEO Blog Today I changed the flag in my background and I hope to encourage you to do so too. This week… Read More
Maximillian staff photo A World Mental Health Day Post! October 9, 2020 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Most conversations that I have about mental health are focussed on the negatives – poor mental health, diagnoses, medication, doctors… Read More
Josie on a bike smiling, holding trans flag (blue, pink and white stripes) and wearing rainbow trousers. Tree and grass in background Congratulations are in order October 5, 2020 CEO Blog, Volunteers Congratulations Josie, Chrysalis volunteer of the month. "Josie has been a constant volunteer throughout lockdown. Nothing was too much trouble… Read More
Thinking about Black History Month September 28, 2020 CEO Blog Morning all, it's a fine crisp Autumn day as we enter the final few months of 2020. I'm not writing… Read More
Reform of the Gender Recognition Act September 22, 2020 News, Press Releases The government have published their much delayed response to the consultation for reform of the gender recognition act. I am… Read More
Bi-sexual flag "be proud and be visible" written over it Awareness, visibility and understanding September 21, 2020 Announcements, Blogs, CEO Blog, Events, Governance, News, Training, Vacancies Validity and Visibility It's #BiWeek2020, time to recognise and celebrate all the bisexual people out there with an international day… Read More
Maximillian staff photo How to be an ally – people are people September 17, 2020 Member Support Coordinator's Blog We often get asked questions about how to be an ally. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re either trans+… Read More
CIVICRM logo What on earth is CRM and why do we want it? September 14, 2020 Blogs, CEO Blog, Governance, Groups, News, Volunteers For this mornings blog I'm going to take a broader view of what is going on, look outside the monitors… Read More
Fluffy tortoiseshell cat meowing while sat on desk chair Coffee, CiviCRM and Cats September 7, 2020 CEO Blog, News I feel called out! Have you ever been in that position where you thought you were getting away with it… Read More
Line drawing of two smiling faces with bicycle helmets on Humbled September 1, 2020 CEO Blog, Donations, Groups Congratulations to our Tour de Trans riders and support team. Paeton and Callum you are incredible. The work that has… Read More
Maximillian staff photo Queer Faith August 26, 2020 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Last week we had Osman from Hidayah come to talk about the experiences of Queer Muslims, and the debate about… Read More
Car with bonnet up and battery missing Tiny Car isn’t always mighty August 24, 2020 Announcements, CEO Blog, Conferences, Volunteers Tiny Car is mighty but even Tiny Car can't survive having the internal light on for a weekend. So guess… Read More
Two people drinking protein drinks Life – even sideways it’s beautiful August 17, 2020 CEO Blog, News Did you know it's only 75 days until Halloween? That's really not long to make sure that you have lots… Read More
Maximillian staff photo The other side of the coin: being near transition August 12, 2020 Blogs, Groups, Member Support Coordinator's Blog We recently had a guest speaker speak at one of our online events for members about her experience as a… Read More
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