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Maximillian staff photo Blog Takeover: Disclosure November 26, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Today I am handing over the blog to a volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous. I ask that you read this… Read More
Andi looking at camera, old office in the background Moving Beyond Butterflies November 23, 2021 CEO Blog As we approach our most momentous annual general meeting, I want to explore the concept of change and our understanding… Read More
Queer History: Dr James Barry - Portrait in back circle on purple background Queer History: Dr James Barry November 14, 2021 Uncategorized Doctor James Barry was a Victorian era doctor, military surgeon, and a public health reformer. He was also assigned female at birth. … Read More
Maximillian staff photo What have I been up to? November 14, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Hello everybody, I am officially back after my break from writing this blog.   So what have I been up… Read More
transgender flag with Chrysalis logo overlaid on purple background with the words "Change is coming" and "Fly the trans flag" above Fly the trans flag for transgender awareness week November 3, 2021 CEO Blog, Conferences, Events, Governance, News, Outreach Today we launch our annual Allies Visibility Campaign An opportunity for allies everywhere to be seen. To fly the trans… Read More
A circular dial with scale -3 to +3, grey background, red pointer vertical on 0. Dial colour pale blue shading to pale pink Gender neutral excludes no-one October 25, 2021 CEO Blog, Training Gender neutral includes everyone: a statement we make during our training. We use the dial tainted with the blue and… Read More
Andi with cup of coffee in mug saying "home" International Pronouns Day October 18, 2021 CEO Blog Wednesday 20th is International Pronouns Day. What a splendid concept. I have just popped along to the site and signed… Read More
Andi with cup of coffee in mug saying "home" The power of coming out and living authentically October 11, 2021 CEO Blog Yesterday was National Coming Out day, for some it is odd that we need a day for that. For others… Read More
Andi with cup of coffee in mug saying "home" Hate Crime Awareness Week October 4, 2021 CEO Blog, Outreach This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week and so today’s blog is about the work we do supporting people who… Read More
Two rows of coloured dandelion puffs above and below the words "Change is coming...!" Change is coming September 28, 2021 CEO Blog, Donations, Events, Governance Long time followers of Chrysalis will know that we are no strangers to change, to growth, to development and indeed… Read More
Maximillian staff photo Becoming a Chrysalis Volunteer July 23, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Following on from my last blog talking about how members join, this week I bring you the process for volunteers… Read More
CEO's blog Cheers for volunteers. Photo of Andi with grassy background A cheer for volunteers July 12, 2021 Campaigns, CEO Blog, Governance, Volunteers Chrysalis exists because of the hard work of all our volunteers. In this week’s blog I would like to introduce… Read More
Maximillian staff photo The member joining process July 8, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog I often get asked about how members join us, so here’s a blog on the subject.   It’s the same… Read More
Get Fit for Chrysalis poster. White symbols of different forms of exercise on a black background. Contact us to find out more. Mental Wellbeing Through Exercise July 5, 2021 Campaigns, CEO Blog, Donations, Outreach, Tour De Trans Today’s blog is all about how exercising can help you feel good and help Chrysalis. Exercise as work There is… Read More
Text: Shame never changed anyone's mind. Ceo's Blog. Inclusion only begins with pride. Image: high contrast photo of Andi wearing progress pride mask. Image is yellow and purple. Inclusion only starts with Pride June 28, 2021 Campaigns, CEO Blog, Donations, Events, News Force only controls how people act In preparation for this blog, I viewed the recent assault on young LGBT+ people… Read More
left: progress pride flag. Right top Alan Turning. Right Bottom Anne Lister. Test; Queer History. Queer History: Episode One June 23, 2021 Uncategorized Welcome to our new series, Queer History. Whilst historically the word queer has been used as a slur, we're digging… Read More
Banner reads: "CEO's Blog. Making Pride Accessible" Image is an orange background with streams of bunting. A man with a cane and service dog stood next to a lady in a wheelchair. In front of them is a person doing sign language. Making Pride accessible June 21, 2021 CEO Blog In 2019 Disability Equality highlighted that “around one-third of all people who identify as LGBTQ+ also state they are disabled”… Read More
Two photos of Andi wrapped in a progress pride flag, side by side. One photo is greyscale the other is in colour. Banner reads "CEO's Blog: Pride and the power of visibility Pride, and the power of visibility June 14, 2021 CEO Blog Pulse nightclub memorial Lockdown has brought a few new things into my life and one of those is a new… Read More
Maximillian staff photo A transfemme perspective on coming out of lockdown. June 7, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Today's blog is written by a volunteer who has asked that she remain anonymous. Here are her views on coming… Read More
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