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Cartoon style illustration of two people waving a transgender pride flag. Text reads "Allies are amazing. CEO's blog. Why Gender Identity Matters in 2020 Why gender identity matters in 2020 November 2, 2020 Announcements, Campaigns, CEO Blog, Conferences, Donations It's 2020 and the times they are indeed a changing, with Chrysalis leading the way. Today my blog draws together… Read More
Equality and Diversity awareness for all February 22, 2021 CEO Blog Morning! Happy Monday. Today may or may not be a great big fish but it's certainly another day in this… Read More
Census 2021 Census 2021 February 21, 2021 News Read More
Maximillian staff photo Chatting with members part two February 19, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog Note: I have taken on board feedback I was given after the first chatting with members blog and used more… Read More
Global Rainbow Round Up: February 2021 February 17, 2021 News February is LGBT History Month in the UK. The theme this year is “Body, Mind, Spirit”, Which is for second… Read More
Tour De Trans Summer 2021 Tour De Trans 2021 Coming Soon February 16, 2021 Tour De Trans Tour de Trans is back! Building on the success of last year, Paeton McGuire will be back in the saddle… Read More
Learning Never Ends Shortcuts to being an ally February 15, 2021 CEO Blog Today's blog is a break from the norm, not a review of the week gone or a look at the… Read More
Image of a tree with sketch of character Rufus Stone layered on top Making history February 8, 2021 Announcements, CEO Blog, News, Outreach It's not often I sit down to watch a TV series, so infrequent that I find myself surprised by conventions… Read More
Maximillian staff photo Listen. Respect. Believe. February 4, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog, News This week is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week.   The hashtags #ItsNotOK and #NoGreyAreas are trending across social… Read More
The Progress Pride flag on it and loops of elastic to go around ears. Progress Pride flag has chevrons in from left side: white, pink, blue, brown, black overlaid on horizontal stripes from top to bottom: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple LGBT+ History – the meaning behind the rainbow February 1, 2021 CEO Blog, News February 1st is a date that resonates for many people. The first day of spring, the end of the eternal… Read More
Wordcloud of the word "snow" in lots of languages The present, the past and your future January 25, 2021 CEO Blog I've lots of serious things to talk about today but I wouldn't be a denizen of these fair isles if… Read More
Maximillian staff photo I’ll call her Alice for now January 22, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog This week I sat down with a volunteer for a catch up. Alice (not her real name) talked to me… Read More
Quote from group testimonial: "it's easy to talk about anything I am concerned about without fear of being judged or dismissed" New year, new groups January 20, 2021 Announcements It's January, and what better time to be announcing that we are setting up with more groups than ever. We… Read More
Global Outreach Global Rainbow Round Up: January 2021 January 19, 2021 News, Outreach News In New York State a law has been passed stating that all single occupancy toilets should now be made… Read More
A blue Martin Luther King Jr badge hangs in the corner of the image. Beneath is an illustration of three hikers passing through a cold mountain range, they have a cat with them. At the bottom the title reads "CEO's blog. What makes you feel good?" What makes you feel good? January 18, 2021 CEO Blog Morning! A nice quiet news day, nothing special to report and so I thought I'd check in with my feelings… Read More
Andi delivering training to a room of people sat in comfortable chairs Chrysalis training – an introspection January 11, 2021 Blogs, CEO Blog, Training Morning all! I hope that you had a relaxing weekend for those for whom weekends are a thing and for… Read More
Maximillian staff photo Chatting with members part one January 8, 2021 Member Support Coordinator's Blog This will be a little different from my usual blog – it will be the first of a few looking… Read More
Chrysalis CEO blog. Welcome to 2021. Image of firework display Welcome to 2021 January 4, 2021 CEO Blog Welcome back and welcome to 2021, I hope that the new year so far has been kind to you, although… Read More
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