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Maximillian at his desk
April 14, 2020
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Great news everyone, on Friday Chrysalis officially got online with our first online support group. We had six attendees (and a few teething troubles) but all involved agreed it was worthwhile and worth pursuing. Members attending told us that “I missed the groups so much” and “thank you for doing this” and we all agreed that around five people for an hour seemed about right.

Those six attending were each given the space to talk about what had been going on for them, respond supportively to each other and, most importantly, how they felt, in a non-judgemental and fully confidential space.

We were a bit facilitator-heavy on Friday as most of the facilitators wanted to join in and see how the ‘test run’ went, though we actually ran it with one person chairing the group and others using the ‘raise your hand’ button to indicate that they wanted to speak.

Among those attending we had the facilitators from the Southampton Partner support group, Portsmouth Wellbeing group, Southampton Trans and Questioning group, Fareham Trans and Questioning and Bournemouth Trans and Questioning, all of whom are looking at (re)starting their own groups online soon.

So for those of you missing group, or in that difficult moment of trying to reach out and not knowing if you can, now is the time. We’re doing it, people, it’s happening. We WILL continue our aims in reducing isolation, even in this difficult time, and supporting those with questions and worries about all aspects of transition and what it may mean for them. And FYI, if you are trans, you are trans enough. If you are a parent, partner or otherwise significant other, your experiences and feelings are valid. And Chrysalis is still here to support you.


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