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Everyone gains something through their involvement with Chrysalis and everyone gives back to the community we create and nurture. Chrysalis staff and volunteers work hard to create safe, supportive environments and to deliver the very best support they can to our members and the wider community. Nothing says that we are getting it right better than the words of those who have gained from being part of Chrysalis.
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Andi Maratos, CEO ChrysalisGIM

What does joining Chrysalis mean to our members?

A short video presented by some of the people who manage Chrysalis and the people that use our support services and how it has helped them.

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I’m sorry I don’t say much in the group. I’m still finding my feet so to speak but I love coming along and it is sooo good to be with other trans people, just being there makes my day and helps me no end in my transition. To know there are people I can talk with makes all the difference to my life. Thank you.
Also, I’d like to add to why Chrysalis is so important to me. I have been transgender ever since childhood when i wanted to identify as a girl,  I finally realised I had to do something to live with my female inner life and let my male pretense go. So I started down the route of transition. Already I am a much happier person, more balanced and finally with a feeling of peace . My confidence is building and being in the Chrysalis meets is totally central to my wellbeing and continued transition. Meeting other Trans people and seeing I am not alone and being able to identify with others has helped me enormously in life and given me great hope and a rock to cling to in my transition journey . I would be completely lost without Chrysalis and the Trans help services they provide.

Anon February 2021 Online Support
I really enjoyed coming along to the group this morning.

Thank you so much for the link. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything I was a bit nervous of joining in but loved just listening to the conversation. It was my first time being seen dressed by anyone and has done my confidence the world of good. So very happy

Christine, November 2020 Online Support
I have had a tough few months and through accepting help with Barny I have been able to work through a lot of the issues I have had through this.

Barny is a lovely genuine counsellor who goes the extra mile from rescheduling appointments to sticking around on calls a bit longer when I’m an emotional mess. I want to thank Barny from the bottom of my heart and I’m grateful for his help and is a outstanding counsellor to support us all.

J, October 2020 Southampton
The one to one support means a lot to me.

It is a major highlight of my week and allows me to talk to someone. I particularly enjoy the unbiased and separated talk from my daily life without feeling like I am being a burden on anyone. It is lovely to hear from [my one to one support person] and helps me a lot in recentering myself every week and helps get over my cabin fever. 

The main gain I feel for myself is a sense of immense relief. All the things I was worrying about or was crossing my mind pauses for a moment and I just focus on the one to one talks that often went into ramblings of what I am doing the next few days and highlighting fun things like D&D etc filling the talks with giggling and joy. 

… I absolutely adore everything Chrysalis does for the local trans community

Shaira, October 2020 Fareham & Portsmouth Wellbeing
I have nothing but good to say about the help  chrysalis have and continue to give me.

My latest hero is Peter who as my  chrysalis Counsellor is making a huge difference to my life.” 

Samantha, August 2020 Fareham T&Q
Being part of Chrysalis has been an immense help for my confidence & being able to feel included.

It’s been a really positive experience.” 

Natasha, August 2020 Southampton
For all of the faults in the world Chrysalis has always been there.

Not only to help me find my voice but to help me form friendships.

King - Black, autistic, trans, gay activist, June 2020
Thanks for arranging the video call on Friday.

It was lovely to talk to An she is a lovely lady and made me feel at ease.

Natasha, May 2020 New Southampton member
I was counselled by Andi at Chrysalis; it was absolutely lifesaving.

When I first realised, I was trans I didn’t feel like there was anyone I could talk to about it without judgement but Chrysalis provided that space for me. Counselling with Andi helped me understand myself and find clarity and peace that I could not have imagined before. I cannot understate how much of a positive impact Chrysalis has had on my life.

Jessica, May 2020
I am the mother of an adult trans daughter and Chrysalis have been supporting me as a parent for over a year now.  

Since Covid 19, although I haven’t been able to attend my parents’ meetings or my counselling sessions, Chrysalis has been there for me.

The group facilitator has stayed in touch by text and phone and I have been continuing my counselling sessions by phone.  

My trans daughter and I owe a lot to Chrysalis. They are a dedicated group of people who understand our situation and provide vital support and information

Sheila B, May 2020 Fareham parents group
Went to my first evening with the Fareham group and I was delighted to see Steph again.

She is so knowledgeable. Really amazing person

Samantha, May 2020 Fareham T&Q
I’ve been a beneficiary of Chrysalis support, in its many forms, from the very beginning of my transition journey. Their Wellbeing Drop-In provides an accepting space for me to explore my gender presentation and build confidence in socialising.

The Trans* and Questioning Support Group enables me to better manage stress and anxiety by sharing feelings and experiences with sympathetic company, and one-on-one in concomitant private counselling. As someone who has isolated themselves for most of their life due to insecurity, Chrysalis has been an invaluable lifeline, and they’ve helped me reach a place of unaccustomed contentment and happiness. 

When the COVID-19 lockdown began those feelings of isolation resurfaced in a startling fashion. Chrysalis have managed to continue providing one-on-one and group support, while respecting social distancing, by taking their sessions online. Undoubtedly, my mental health would have suffered if not for their continued efforts and I am thus extremely grateful.

Natalie, May 2020 Southampton Groups
I’ve been attending the Well-being Drop-In and the Trans & Questioning Support Group in Southampton since October 2019 and it has helped me better understand my feelings about my gender identity and receive the emotional support I was very much in need of.

Being able to talk to other Trans and Non-Binary people about issues we face and experiences we share is incredibly validating and I am so grateful that Chrysalis provides a space where this is possible. Max is a wonderful guy whose positive energy makes him easy to talk to about anything I am concerned about without fear of being judged or dismissed. Since the lock-down, I am relieved and excited that Chrysalis meetings have been continuing through online video calls and have been continuously impressed by how this is organised and implemented. Although I think the virtual meetings will never be a replacement for the actual in-person gatherings, they have been incredibly beneficial in the current circumstances and I look forward to seeing and hearing everyone each week.

Robin, May 2020 Southampton groups.
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