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Banner - About Chrysalis - Gender Identity Matters

A combination of a dedicated team, massive support from our allies and community projects, and much appreciated funding from organisations and donations, all come together to provide amazing support for our members.

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Meet the Team

Chrysalis is run by a team of hard working people.


It's been a busy few years. Find out what we have been doing.


Chrysalis attends Pride events to raise awareness of what our charity does


As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation our team of Trustees oversee the organisation.

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Our Mission

Chrysalis’ mission is to create a world where trans and non-binary people are free to live as their authentic self, expressing their gender identity as they see fit and without prejudice from employers, colleagues, friends and family.


  • We’re here to provide that safe space and our experienced counsellors are here to listen without passing judgement.
  • We also provide support for friends and families, making it easier for them to support their loved ones through their personal journey.
  • All of our support groups are in accessible buildings and can be reached on public transport.
  • We promote equality, inclusion and diversity.
  • We are are motivated by hope and positivity, and celebrate our allies achievements as much as our own.
  • Chrysalis is the leading South coast charity when it comes to supporting trans and non binary people.
  • We also provide the same level of support to family and friends of trans people, and help people understand how to be a trans ally.
  • We provide counselling and support groups, we also do workplace training around diversity and inclusion.
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